Word-Object Exchange

Word-Object for lockdown and beyond- antidotes for our current and future trajectory:

counterproductions/decentrederspace now wishes to support artists and other creative citizens swimming against the current enforced inundation – to make together and apart a piece of exchange artwork.

You are invited to submit word-oject anti-signs for placement along inspirallondon Trail – for works transformed into small objects (up to 10 characters) you can recieve £25; for works transformed into medium objects you can recieve £35 (11 to 25 characters); for works transformed into large objects (26-35 characters) you can recieve £50-60. Word-Objects anti-signs should be short, pithy, and in spirit of dada, adopt attitudes of multi-lingual, de-centering, cross meaning messaging. Submission above 35 characters will only be considered on the rare occassion that they are so ridiculous and meaningfilled that they require hatcheting down and re-interpreting.

The aim is to produce an average of one anti-sign per day during lockdown – at the current projection at least 84 word-object signs until the trail and life is re-opened. There are no terms apart from the themes outlined but you should be aware that this is an antidote exchange project.


Certain works will be offered for sale online on a rolling basis – artists will recieve 40% commission on any sale proceeds, the other 40% donation to inspirallondon (Community Interest Company)*

There are 3 themes or threads for this exchange with the overall schema of creating antidotes for our current and future trajectory:

  1. An immediate response to the absurdities or contradictions of current ‘global’ lockdown. Taking the idea of social distancing and isolation to their illogical conclusion and testing our capacity to endure and adapt to the mixed messages bombarding our freedoms: ‘A part Two Gather/To Gether A part’
  2.  Wor(l)d Objects – for contemplating, reflecting on and confronting the ongoing ecological extinction crisis – through the eyes of the other or with other senses – to provide an antidote to the anthropocene, and other anthropocentric viewpoint.
  3. “The Magic of the Public Notice” – as a continued response to the imperative of public notices and their often incongurous, hidden or unconscious meaning – we invite contributions of merit and wit.IMG_8277

* 20% for production and administrative costs. Note all heirarchy and product placement is entirely arbitrary and in the interests of protecting something ‘sacred’.

You should fill out this form and submit an exchange (Initial Deadline 1st May with Final Deadline 15th June):

If you would like to link your work with DeCentreDerSpace Project @ inspirallondon.com leave a web link in your submission and we will add on library of ant-signs in situ.
Or to receive a photo of completed word-object please indicate this when you submit your ‘words’ by writing “photo please”. Chosen word-object artists will be provided with emergency funds in exchange – thank you in advance:


To help support artists and the work of inspirallondon CIC please support the transformation of your word-object by donating a small honorarium. Thank you

Any sum is much appreciated and will go towards supporting the work of the centre.

Alternatively, you can help by donating, and taking possession of the finished word-object

For small/medium word-object suggested donation of £30/40 +  postage & packing or delivery

For large word-object suggested donation of £50 + postage & packing or delivery

To contact counterproductions concerning your submission or any other details of exchange/donation please email:


Some history and context of Word-Object as Poor Object:

Over 200 exchanged word-objects were placed in situ along both GR2013 Metropolitan and InspiralLondon Trails:

In 2013 – (then from 2015-17 along segment 6 InspiralLondon Trail) 200 plus Word-Objects ( projects ) were placed along the GR2013 trail. Word-Objects were borrowed, given and exchanged with over 60 artists and international participants. This project was part of De/tour, a year long exploration of Marseille Provence as European Capital of Culture 2013.

The GR2013 pathway was inaugurated in March 2013 as part Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture: a newly established National semi-urban walking trail, at over 365 kilometres, looping in a rough figure of eight that turns on the axis of the Gare TGV Aix-en-Provence. See Bureau des Guides for current projects.



The Poor Object as Poor Sign (from Annexed Reality)

The Real Object wrenched from Reality, a substitute for an “artistic object”, was not neutral.

It was the object that was

The s i m p l e s t ,

The most  p r i m i t i v e,

o l d ,

marked by t i m e ,

w o r n  o u t by the fact of being u s e d ,

P O O R…

Toujours calanque

Poor object/1944/ was a portent of the idea of the

“ R E A L I T Y  of the Lowest Rank,” (The Poor Object: 74)

…The lower the rank of the object, the greater its chance of revealing its objectness.

The process of lifting it from the regions of derision and contempt is the act of pure

poetry in art… (From My Work –My Journey, Kantor: 30)

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