Transformed exchange word-objects have now been placed in situ:

Transformed Word-Objects have been placed along the length of GR2013. From April through to July DecentreDerSpace projects placed over 120 word-objects along the trail. Word-Objects have been borrowed, given and exchanged with over 50 artists and international participants. This project is part of De/tour, a year long exploration of Marseille Provence as European Capital of Culture 2013.

The GR2013 pathway was inaugurated in March as part Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture: a newly established National semi-urban walking trail, at over 365 kilometres, looping in a rough figure of eight that turns on the axis of the Gare TGV  Aix-en-Provence.


You can still fill out the form and submit an exchange:

If you would like to link your work with DeCentreDerSpace leave a website link in your submission.
Or to receive a photo of completed word-object please indicate this when you submit your ‘words’ – thank you:


To help in the work of DeCentreDer (counterproductions) and to support the transformation of your word-object you might wish to donate a small honorarium. Thank you

Any sum is much appreciated and will go towards supporting the work of the centre.

Alternatively, you can help by donating, and taking possession of the finished ‘y/our’ word-object

For small panels suggested donation of £30 +  postage & packing or delivery

For larger panels suggested donation of £50 + postage & packing or delivery

To contact counterproductions concerning your submission or any exchange/donation please email:



The Poor Object as Poor Sign (from Annexed Reality)

The Real Object wrenched from Reality, a substitute for an “artistic object”, was not neutral.

It was the object that was

The s i m p l e s t ,

The most  p r i m i t i v e,

o l d ,

marked by t i m e ,

w o r n  o u t by the fact of being u s e d ,

P O O R…

Toujours calanque

Poor object/1944/ was a portent of the idea of the

“ R E A L I T Y  of the Lowest Rank,” (The Poor Object: 74)

…The lower the rank of the object, the greater its chance of revealing its objectness.

The process of lifting it from the regions of derision and contempt is the act of pure

poetry in art… (From My Work –My Journey, Kantor: 30)

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