DeCentreDer artist mini-residencies will be publishing their collected and collective findings in De/Tours, publication date October 2013. Between June 2013 and September 2013 artists who took part in this international cultural exchange project will be working on ways to further disseminate their artistic researches. These will include films by Ounanian and Wardrop,  Sisters from another Mister and Anne Robinson, photographs and text by Artaudada, Charlie Fox and soundscapes, visual documents from Calum f Kerr and Miyuki Kasahara, and other assorted fieldworks from Anne-Catherine Le Deunff, Ron Henocq and Beth Elliott


The Haemogoblin Society – a bedroom opera for our times.

11 April – 15 April 2013   Andrew Cooper & Mikey Georgeson

The Hadidists of the near future return to Euromediterranee.

26 April – 4 May   Steven Ounanian & Joanne Wardrop



Drawing, walking and talking from St Victor to Les Arcades Musee.

2 May – 6 May   Ron Henocq & Beth Elliott

Visiting the Hospital at Montfavet, site of Camille Claudel’s exile, and discussing future artist exchange with Mireille Tissier, Director of exhibitions.

“Who are the four most significant omissions for you from the Marseilles cultural jamboree”

claudelle sculptures1

An(n)e and the GR2013 – detour(netent) placement scheme

7 May -17 May   Artaudada

1 June – 31 July GR2013 word-object exchange sitings


Space is consumable. Space is edible.

19 May – 25 May   Sisters from Another Mister

Whilst at the Decentrederspace, we will be continuing our research into ‘utopia’; U-non TOPOS-space, in an attempt to give physicality to the concept and definition of space. Looking at the infrastructure of Marseille in terms of both its physical organisation of space and its social context. We were drawn to the north – south divide of the city as well as the ever expanding presence of gated communities. [ERF] Gated communities are to a certain extent a reflection of the utilitarian vision of the city of Marseille.

Looking at the artist as flâneur. Looking at space as consumable. Looking at space as edible. We are intending to undertake a series of journeys, mapping the city and mark making to then present this to the inhabitants of Marseille.


Rhone Nuclear Routes & the Folklore of Cultural Capital

19 May – 29 May   Miyuki Kasahara & Calum F Kerr

There are 59 nuclear power stations in France. France relies on nuclear power for nearly 80% of its electricity. The Rhone has 5 different nuclear plants along its banks – Bugey, St. Alban, Cruas, Tricastin and Phénix with a total of 15 power stations. Miyuki Kasahara and Calum F. Kerr (See You In Court) will walk the ‘nuclear corridor’ of the Rhone valley. They will start at the town of Pierrelatte near Tricastin one of the largest plants run by major suppliers Areva and EDF*. The 70km journey will be North-South touching on the towns of Pinolec, Avignon, Beaucaire and Arles. Their experience will be recorded through sound, image and other ephemeral means.

In a popular medieval legend, the ‘Tarasque’ is a terrible, scaly, bison-like dragon that burns everything it touches. The Tarasque escaped from hell near Nerluc on the Rhone, destroying boats and swallowing riverside inhabitants. The story of Tarasque and Saint Martha is very similar to that of Beauty and the Beast. The French government and other countries have fallen in love with Nuclear power; have they become a modern day Tarasque falling in love with Saint Martha? Or are they ‘Dracs’ another local legend, a creature that draws humans into the river, tempting them with precious materials?


Sur L’Envers Blues (In-side Out Blues) – Performance/ Song-film 

26 May – 30 May   Anne Robinson

A blues invoking the spirit of Artaud and the workers of Marseille, bringing them back to the place their time was waste. This is a song in blues form that draws on the text Van Gogh, the Man Suicided by Society by Artaud. The song is passed on from singer to encountered listener to singer again through the streets of Marseilles until there is a moment of voices all at once singing through the city. Voices rise in a deranged, murmuring wave. The singer dances and the spirit of Artaud, Van Gogh and a thousand un-named workers dance ‘as in a frenzy of dancehalls’ back in the streets of Marseille.

Inside Out Blues 9

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